The United States (U.S.) industries and thriving communities value lie in maximizing its' human capital for sustained economic growth. One of the fastest growth sectors for the U.S. is hightech with its foundation resting in disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). A critical step in developing the knowledge based and skills of U.S. human capital start with an investment in educating our children and youth in STEM for lifelong learning.


Strong TIES offers two programs to address a) inclusion and b) skills gap of under-represented and under-served

youth (i.e., African American, Latino, Native American, and girls). Unfortunately, this group of youth continue to lag behind in STEM achievement that is linked to accessing critical resources.


The first program offering is "Turn Up for STEAM 2017 Annual Event" that is scheduled to occur February 17-19, 2017 at Phoenix College. This program is designed to introduce students age 13-18 to STEM. It comprises a weekend of STEM engagement using culturally relevant tools, such as Hip-Hop, arts performance, digital designs for introducing students to computer science (i.e., computer coding), access to community leaders and mentors, and gaining critical resources for college preparation.


Turn Up for STEAM is a proud AZ SciTech Festival signature event.


Secondly, our "Urban STEAM Thrive Program" is a sustainable framework offered to middle high school students during Out of School Time (OST) on Saturdays starting in 2017. Our framework includes three hands-on, project based, and interactive modulesÍž a) Media Smart module will build skills in digital media, b) Innovation Smart module build skills for computing and digital design, and c) Community Smart module will give students the tools for emerging as STEM leaders in school and for civic involvement.


Our third program is  STEAM and Global Citizenship. This program is for girls ages 13-18. For more information, go to "To Ghana" on this site.