Trip to GHANA GHANA July 3 - 18, 2017
Girls Ages 12 - 18
Three dynamic non-profit organizations have joined forces to make a life changing impact in the lives of girls through a three-week immersion experience in Ghana Africa from July 3 - 18, 2017. Arizona State University (ASU), Strong TIES, and Life Paradigms, Inc. invite you to join them in providing Arizona-based teens with a global learning experience. Focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), fifteen African American girls will foster dialogue with their African contemporaries, cultivate an awareness of their global responsibilities and participate in hands-on projects that will benefit the village they will visit. By leveraging technology, we will enable global exchanges and conversations between middle and high school students who otherwise would not meet. Thereby promoting empathy, peace, and build 21st century workforce skills.
What is a STEAM & Global Citizenship Trip? A STEAM & Global Citizenship Immersion Trip is very like a college abroad program, except on a much smaller scale that allow girls to explore STEAM using culturally relevant tools. Our girls will spend fifteen (15) days during their summer vacation visiting and learning about the social needs of another country. The girls will collaborate with their African contemporizes to design, develop, and deploy two hands-on projects. The projects are solar powered water purification that integrates mobile mapping to clean water supplies and e-textile fashion and technology for learning the basic circuit theory, design thinking, and engineering logic for lighting up the world around them with interactive art, crafts, and wearables. This program takes girls with amazing interest and ability, and give them global experiences to make safe and new discoveries: not only about each other, but also about themselves, their communities, and their ability to situate and contextualize issues—local, national, and international––that affect their lives. Prior to the trip, the cohort of girls successfully completes the Life Paradigms, Inc. Blueprint for Womanhood Leadership Development Program, which comprises five months of skillsets building, arts explorations, and assignments for learning about the visiting country. What Countries Have We Visited? This is our inaugural trip. Our leadership team includes the esteemed Dr. Duku Anokye, Fatimah Halim, and Loretta Cheeks. Dr. Anokye is an Associate Professor of Africana Language, Literature and Culture in the School of Humanities Arts and Cultural Studies (HArCS) and Director of the New College Office of Interdisciplinary Global Learning and Engagement (IGLE) at Arizona State University. Fatimah Halim is an artist, author, writer, and most importantly the Founder & CEO of Life Paradigms, Inc., which has served Arizona girls for 20 plus years. Halim has participated, as a lecturer, in an educational trip to Ghana and she travels abroad each year. This will be Cheeks first time visiting Ghana, however, her travels to Uganda and Kenya exposed her Africa's potentials. Why Africa? According to the latest report produced by the Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index, 9 of the promising emerging markets for 2016 are in Africa; South Africa and Nigeria (Currently Sub-Saharan Africa’s two biggest economies) followed by Kenya and Ghana. This shows a high confidence from global investors, in African countries. Why is the world interested in Africa’s logistics market? The interest by investors in Africa, is three-fold, according to the Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index: Mineral and resource demand Oil and gas discoveries The growing middle class Given these insights, Africa offers our girls a front seat to a global classroom for learning how to discover in the face of challenges and great possibilities. Our Impact? This program is intended to broaden participation of girls entering STEAM disciplines, create global citizens, and give girls the tools for delivering solutions to critical-issues impacting the world. How Much Does It Cost? It costs approximately $5,000 for each young girl to participate in the program. Funds have been secured for travel only. We invite you to join us in funding accommodations and collaborative / STEAM projects & expenses. Your investment in our future workforce to important.To join this dedicated team of STEAM sponsors, please make all checks payable to: Strong TIES. 24654 N Lake Pleasant Pkwy, Ste. 103-261, Peoria, AZ, USA, 85383, Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer payment to: Routing and Transmit 122187238 & Account Number 1400653017-0400 email to receive our sponsors package or use our “Contact Us” form.