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Turn Up for STEAM

Program Overview

STEM education is a hot-topic for our nation as it’s’ the pathways for future jobs. STEM literacy and skills are vital to the success of our youth and the economic health of our nation. Studies estimate that nearly 80% of future careers will require an awareness of and familiarity with STEM. But without a stimulating STEM education, our children will not develop the basic analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills so central to academic achievement and workforce readiness in the 21st century. Unfortunately, African Americans, Latino/a, and girls are under-represented and under-served due to gaps in science and math achievement, which means there is a potential loss of needed talent. This gap starts as early as 4th grade.


Community-building interventions are paramount to igniting interest, propagating the pipeline, and demonstrating diversity through a message of belonging and acceptance in STEM fields.  Our one of a kind STEM weekend called Turn Up for STEAM empowers youth with the science behind one of the most popular art forms that have impacted the world, Hip-Hop. Our Digital Design component of the weekend introduces youth to the art of game development as we walk the youth through the creation process where they are given the tools for transforming their ideas into reality using Beta: The Game software for programming games. STEM plus the Arts is STEAM, a connection with arts and music.


Turn Up for STEAM have capacity for 100 youths from ages 13-18 for Math & Science to Hip-Hop and the Mini-Hackathon. Our STEAM interventions integrates the collective principles applied in STEM with a focus on computer science and technology as its cornerstone for expressing science,

math, and engineering processes.


The success of the Turn Up for STEAM community intervention is largely related to support from our community-building partners, sponsors, artist, and technologist. This is an overview of the Turn Up for STEAM event.


Event Overview

It will include a weekend of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Art, and Math (STEAM) . The weekend will include

     • Bridge to Understand Algebra

     • Mini Code Hackathon—virtual reality, fabrication, engineering design thinking and music composition

     • Turn Up for STEAM Presentation and Demonstration

     • A Celebration in Honor of Black History Month with Keynote Speaker

     • Award and Rewards


Student Support

Travel:  Turn Up for STEAM is working with local businesses and schools to arrange for transportation.  If transportation stipend is needed, please send email to for consideration.

Food:  Students will receive breakfast, lunch, and snacks while attending.



We accept applications from students who are ages 13-18.  We are particularly interested in receiving applications from students who come from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (low income, African American, Latino/a (Hispanic), Native American, Island Pacific - ethnic and racial minorities, and first generation college students).


Media Recordings

Photo and video recordings will occur during this event. By completing the application and participating in this weekend fun filled event, you agree to appear in any incidental photos taken. You also authorize that these photos and video may be used in magazines, newspapers, trade journals, booklets, pamphlets, newsletters, advertisements or other promotional media or materials used in support of our sponsors and/or in the mission to promote STEM education. You also agree that no monetary or other form of compensation may be requested now or in the future for the use of these materials.