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 Strong TIES provides Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) tools to disadvantaged youth and communities and empowers them to become innovative, engaged, and thoughtful. How and where we contribute is based on the communities demand for STEAM education and youth lack of access and resources. We use support of kind individuals, organizations, and community leaders to develop programs, provide culturally-centric educational materials, education research, and create global exchange programs for cultivating empathy and compassion. Programs

Urban STEAM Thrive

Community-building interventions are paramount to igniting interest, propagating the pipeline, and demonstrating diversity through a message of belonging and acceptance in STEM fields.


Our one of a kind STEAM Camp called Turn Up for STEAM empowers youth with culturally relevant examples where STEM seamlessly integrate; for instance, Hip-Hop, music, science, and math. Our Digital Design component of this program introduces youth to music composition as we walk the youth through the creation process where they are given the tools for transforming their ideas into reality.


Turn Up for STEAM is offered as either a 3-day weekend or 1-day camp workshop. The program is for youths from ages 13-18 to participate in an idea creation and introduction to critical thinking and coding. Our STEAM interventions integrates the collective principles applied in STEM with a focus on computer science and technology as its cornerstone for expressing science, math, and engineering or information technology processes.


The success of the Turn Up for STEAM community intervention is largely related to support from our community-building partners, sponsors, artists, and technologist. This is an overview of the Turn Up for STEAM event.

Focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), African American girls will foster dialogue with their African (or host nation) contemporaries while working on STEAM projects, cultivate an awareness of their global responsibilities, and learn about the cultural diversity of the host nation.

Providing students with meaningful hands-on experiences and exposure, especially cultural relevant experiences and close mentoring, is key to increasing students' motivations and capacities to pursue careers in fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, or mathematics (STEAM) and producing a professional workforce capable of effectively studying, interpreting, and communicating the relevance of STEAM on the global ecosystems. This project explores ways for improving middle and high school girl’s awareness and interest in STEAM and the rewarding careers that are available to them. This mentoring model cultivates the idea that through strong ties (connections) between those best positioned to articulate academic and industry needs (mentors) and those most receptive to filling that need (mentees) are important for girls to gain the needed confidence, awareness, and connective tools for advancing in STEAM.


Strong TIES made it possible for the smart and talented Ysabella to attend the 2017 Marquette University Summer Engineering Program.

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